A world of connections! 

I’m a sucker for digging out relationships. I can spend hours on  “A is the daughter of B , and B is an uncle to C. D is the father of B. C is the son of E, who is the daughter of D…” sort of logic problems without wanting to bang my head.  Wasting a good half of a movie putting together two random actors and googling if they’ve worked together , is SO satisfying ! Why, I don’t know !  Like that priceless moment when one of my favourite Disney characters- Genie, met an amazing voice- Robin Williams. See what I mean ? There are fantastic connections all over. It’s a small world, after all !

Imagine writing your name on a $5 note and passing it on. What are the odds that the note comes back into your family decades later ? The network of the connections formed intermediately must be unfathomable! Agreed , most of these thoughts are not very productive. But I daydream a lot and make my life more interesting with these eccentricities. And this compulsive need to find connections is what draws me to data analysis as well.

I recently analysed a dataset of National Soils as part of a course assignment. To begin with, I knew nothing about soils. At least not more than what I knew through science class at school. Haha, it was a shameful revelation. Who knew soil had so many types and subtypes ? And not to mention how its properties change depending on how one uses the land. It’s safe to say- soil is one big pushover. However, the coolest thing about this analysis was – I got to know a lot about soil mechanics while trying to interpret the relationship between two variables.

Interestingly, I learnt about a method called CPT or the cone penetration test, used to measure moisture content in the soil at a certain depth. This procedure is used to check for seismic activity, sublayer temperatures in geothermal areas and possibility of soil liquefaction. Extremely technical and I won’t delve into it, but this process is a big deal in countries like New Zealand and Japan, with history of massive earthquakes and volcanic activities.

For a person who loves knowing about something new everyday , analytics is perhaps one of the most fascinating areas to work in ! The possibilities to learn are endless and resources, countless. There are numerous tools at one’s disposal- from something as simplistic as the pivot table to the more complex regression analysis and machine learning. I am very excited to be on this journey and hope to take my love of finding connections further, through my passion for this field!


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