Here’s What Former Sex Workers Think of Pretty Woman


It’s been 25 years since Pretty Woman was released,and even though it’s still one of the most beloved romantic comedies ever, it presents a ridiculously sunny idea of what it’s like to sell sex. Vivian, the prostitute played by Julia Roberts, meets a cute john (Richard Gere), eats some strawberries, goes on a shopping spree, and ultimately ends up with the john, who happens to be a rich and charming guy who buys her necklaces and takes her to the opera.

“I love romantic comedies,” says Marian Hatcher, a sex trafficking survivor who now works as a project manager at the Cook County Sheriff’s office. “Before I was prostituted, raped, beaten, kidnapped, and incarcerated as a result of prostitution, I looked at it as a romantic comedy.” But soon enough, she says, the movie “became an ugly reality.”

“There is nothing pretty about prostitution,” Hatcher says. “Nothing pretty about…

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Apple Acquires Durable Database Company FoundationDB

Apple has acquired FoundationDB, a company that specializes in speedy, durable NoSQL databases, TechCrunch has learned.
A notice on the FoundationDB site notes that it’s no longer offering downloads of its database software. Financial terms of the deal were not available. CEO David Rosenthal was previously VP of Engineering at Omniture and co-founded the company with COO Nick Lavezzo and Dave Scherer in 2009.

29 Books That Will Enrich Your Inner Literati

Answer by Cristina Hartmann on Quora. For anyone who wants to attain the vaunted title of “being well-read,” it’s more about breadth than depth. (As for feeling well-read, read the postscript.) To “feel” well-read in literature, it’s all about the categories, not the books themselves. Read a few books in a few different genres, time […]

Here’s J.K. Rowling’s Perfect Tweet About Dumbledore’s Sexuality

I love this woman 😀


Whether she has 896 pages or 140 characters, J.K. Rowling always finds room to spout infinite wisdom.

On Tuesday, a fan tweeted to the social media-friendly writer to ask about Dumbledore being gay, which was revealed after Rowling finished the Harry Potter series. “I wonder why you said that Dumbledore is a gay because I can’t see him in that way,” Ana Kocovic said.

Rowling’s response was short, sassy, and spot on:

The fan responded positively to Rowling’s answer:

This isn’t Rowling’s first time talking about LGBT issues in the wizarding community on Twitter. When a fan asked if Hogwarts was a safe place for LGBT students in December, Rowling responded by tweeting an image…

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These Charts Show Why the Germanwings Crash Is Especially Unusual


Any plane crash involving a passenger carrier is highly unlikely — but Tuesday’s loss of a Germanwings Airbus A320 in the French Alps is especially unusual given the tragedy’s circumstances.

Flight 9525 was carrying 150 people at a cruising altitude of 38,000 feet Tuesday morning before it began rapidly descending, officials said. That’s an unfortunately familiar story—the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 and AirAsia Flight 8501 crashes happened at cruising altitude. But it’s also very rare: only 10% of fatal accidents involving a plane damaged beyond repair involved a plane that had reached cruising altitude, according to a report by Boeing.

Instead, most of those accidents (called “hull loss fatal accidents”) occur during takeoff and landing. Recent examples include last month’s TransAsia Flight 235 crash, which suffered engine failure 37 seconds after takeoff, or last year’s TransAsia Flight 222 crash, which crashed on landing due to bad weather.


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These Five States Could Legalize Marijuana in 2016


On Friday, Nevada lawmakers adjourned without voting on a petition submitted by residents to legalize marijuana and regulate it like alcohol. That means the initiative is going on the ballot in 2016, making Nevada the first state to officially be voting on pot legalization in the next election.

“Voters will have the opportunity to end marijuana prohibition next year and replace it with a policy that actually makes sense,” Mason Tvert, spokesman for the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), said in a statement. “Law enforcement officials will be able to spend their time addressing more serious crimes, and adults will no longer be punished simply for using marijuana.”


If voters approve the initiative, Nevada will become the fifth state—after Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska—to have a legal weed market. But chances are it won’t be the only state considering the option. Here are the four other states that marijuana…

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A world of connections! 

I’m a sucker for digging out relationships. I can spend hours on  “A is the daughter of B , and B is an uncle to C. D is the father of B. C is the son of E, who is the daughter of D…” sort of logic problems without wanting to bang my head.  Wasting a good half of a movie putting together two random actors and googling if they’ve worked together , is SO satisfying ! Why, I don’t know !  Like that priceless moment when one of my favourite Disney characters- Genie, met an amazing voice- Robin Williams. See what I mean ? There are fantastic connections all over. It’s a small world, after all !

Imagine writing your name on a $5 note and passing it on. What are the odds that the note comes back into your family decades later ? The network of the connections formed intermediately must be unfathomable! Agreed , most of these thoughts are not very productive. But I daydream a lot and make my life more interesting with these eccentricities. And this compulsive need to find connections is what draws me to data analysis as well.

I recently analysed a dataset of National Soils as part of a course assignment. To begin with, I knew nothing about soils. At least not more than what I knew through science class at school. Haha, it was a shameful revelation. Who knew soil had so many types and subtypes ? And not to mention how its properties change depending on how one uses the land. It’s safe to say- soil is one big pushover. However, the coolest thing about this analysis was – I got to know a lot about soil mechanics while trying to interpret the relationship between two variables.

Interestingly, I learnt about a method called CPT or the cone penetration test, used to measure moisture content in the soil at a certain depth. This procedure is used to check for seismic activity, sublayer temperatures in geothermal areas and possibility of soil liquefaction. Extremely technical and I won’t delve into it, but this process is a big deal in countries like New Zealand and Japan, with history of massive earthquakes and volcanic activities.

For a person who loves knowing about something new everyday , analytics is perhaps one of the most fascinating areas to work in ! The possibilities to learn are endless and resources, countless. There are numerous tools at one’s disposal- from something as simplistic as the pivot table to the more complex regression analysis and machine learning. I am very excited to be on this journey and hope to take my love of finding connections further, through my passion for this field!