Beautifully written. The words seem so alive!

Sarah Ditum


I learned to make lace when I was small, solemnly winding my bobbins with white thread then working over the pillow with deepest concentration – twisting and crossing the splints of wood, carefully weighted with scavenged beads, never learning so well that my hands could work without stumbling, but working all the same. I made my first few pieces, slack-tensioned and a little sloppy. My older female relatives and family friends inspected them indulgently but unimpressed. They were Bedfordshire women who had learned the needle arts at school, women who had been educated for domesticity, women who could not believe that I would leave school at 16 unable to knit, sew or make pastry. “I could make this,” my grandma would say, plucking the unhappy hems of my Topshop jumpers. “Didn’t they teach you anything?”

Their lives didn’t stop at what their education had fitted them for, though, because this…

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Thank Heavens, literally . 

Yes, we are entering into the realm of exabytes. Tweet , post, like and share. That’s pretty much all that we do nowadays. But the massive amounts of data that each of us continually generates, where on earth can you store them? Well, you can’t. But on the cloud, you can. Companies are striving to create more compact, high speed networks for efficient cloud storages with increasing data. Apple has decided to spend bucket loads towards this cause. Good luck! This apple will definitely keep my storage issues away.